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MES 190 -- Ancient Persian Empires -- Fall 2014: Home

About this Guide

Purpose of the guide

The purpose of this guide is to give you general guidelines on resources at Emory that can be useful for your essay assignment. It will be divided into a section on finding books at the Library and instructions on conducting searches in databases.



Essay Project

Selection of an object from the Persian cultures covered in this class from one one of the following museums or digital collections:

Draw your object, taking care to include as much detail as possible.

Write a 1,500–2,000 word essay placing your object in the context of the Ancient Persian world by relating it to ONE aspect of the society in which it was created.

Examples of choices and what to write about:

  • wine jar - you could discuss its relationship to the wine trade, feasting, pottery making, or the chores of domestic slaves
  • metal weapon - you can discuss metallurgy, warfare, trade, craftsmanship, or elite identification with weaponry.

Choose only one theme and use that to shape your essay.

You can be creative in your choice of a theme, but you must make a logical connection between your object and the aspect of the society you choose to discuss.

You should use a minimum of five non-internet sources to conduct your research. At least one of these sources should be an ancient text. You will collect these sources from research in the library and from the bibliography in your textbooks.


Use the Chicago Manual of Style bibliographic system

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