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MUS 200: Music, Culture, and Society

Identifying a source for your paper

In choosing a source to write about, remember that content is what counts.  Material doesn't have to be in its original form to qualify as a primary source.

Some options:

  • Select a source from the Rose Library.
  • Find a digital image or sound file online.
  • Use a hard-copy facsimile from the Music and Media Library.  Most of these can be checked out.
  • Use a microform copy of a musical facsimile.
  • Consult newspaper content online or in microform.
  • Use letters of composers or other musicians (translated or in the original language).

Printed Facsimiles and Microforms

To find facsimiles in the Emory Libraries, use discoverE.

Catalog records for facsimiles of manuscripts have one of these subject headings:

[Composer name] —Manuscripts—Facsimiles

The library also holds facsimiles of some early printed editions.  The searches below may yield these as well, unless you include "manuscripts" as a search term.

Search strategies

  • Try a subject search on the composer's name along with facsimiles. e.g., Subject: beethoven facsimiles.
  • For specific works, search the composer's name, title [uniform title if known] and facsimiles or facsimile*.
    • E.g.,  mozart zauberflote facsimile* will find facsimiles of "The Magic Flute."
    • Weihnachts-Oratorium and facsimile* will find facsimiles of Bach's Christmas Oratorio.
  • For collections of more than one piece, the shelf mark of the holding library or the popular title of the manuscript (e.g., Egerton 3665, Tregian Manuscript, Squarcialupi codex)

Browse the shelves to find many of the Music and Media Library's facsimiles.

Many facsimiles are classed in ML96.4 and ML96.5 and are kept together in a special "Folio" section. These may be checked out. 

To find microfilm and microfiche collections at Emory, also use discoverE.

Search for these as if they were printed materials—there's no subject heading for microfilms, microfiche, or other microforms.

If you know that a microform set is held at Emory, but you don't know the title, try limiting searches to LOCATION:  MICROFORMS.

Notable sets at Emory:

  • For Bach:  Musikhandschriften der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin—Preussischer Kulturbesitz.  Teil I:  Die Bach-Sammlung.
  • For BeethovenMusikhandschriften der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin—Preussischer Kulturbesitz.  Teil 3:  Die Beethoven-Sammlung.



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