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MUS 370: Music through Sketch Study: Books

Books Online

Google Books
Find thousands of books complete online. Search the full text of everything Google has scanned. Where the complete text isn't available, use the built-in tool to find the nearest library holding the title.

A digital archive of library materials that have been converted from print.

Internet Text Archive, including Open Library.

Call Numbers for Books & Scores

The Library of Congress Classification System is used by Emory and most academic libraries in the U.S.   Call numbers for music are

M for scores
for music literature
for instruction and study.

For browsing in the books and scores stacks, you may wish use the link above to identify areas of interest by call numbers

Books at Emory

DiscoverE (to find materials at Emory)

  • Simple search lets you limit results to books, scores, etc.
  •  In Advanced Search
    • Find books about a person: change "Any" to "Subject" and type in the name.
    • Find scores or books by a person: use the "Author" box.
    • Specifying books or scores in the "Material Type" box may help.

Google Scholar and RILM Abstracts of Music Literature also identify books, as well as other types of literature.

Basics of Searching

Basics of Searching

  • Searching personal names
    • For works about a person, search the person’s name as a subject.
    • For works (books, films, etc.) by a person, search the name as an author.
    • Composers and performers are considered authors.
  • Searching by subject
    • Use the catalog's terminology (sometimes called "controlled vocabulary").
    • When you find any useful title, look at the whole catalog record and find the subject heading(s) assigned to that title.  Then search on those headings to find similar titles.
  •  Combine terms using Advanced Search, or by using operators (AND, OR, NOT, etc.).

WorldCat - Books at Other Libraries

Catalog of the holdings of over 11,000 libraries in the U.S. and abroad, including books, sound recordings, videos, and other materials.  Use this to find out what exists outside Emory.

Truncation symbol: * (use after 3 or more characters)
Plurals: + finds plurals formed with either -s or -es. wax+ finds wax and waxes.

Interlibrary Loan

Emory's Interlibrary Loan service can get items you need from other libraries.

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