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*Development Studies
by Tim Bryson, Hikmat Faraj, Phil MacLeod, Elizabeth McBride, Robert O'Reilly, Michael Page, Guo-Hua Wang - Last Updated Apr 10, 2014
Information resources to support Masters in Development Practice and other Emory development studies programs
Tags: africa, development, subject_guide
Chinese-African Relations
by Elizabeth McBride, Guo-Hua Wang - Last Updated Mar 27, 2014
Information resources related to Chinese interests in Africa.
Tags: africa, china
CHN 230: Description and Analysis of the Chinese Language
by Guo-Hua Wang - Last Updated Mar 28, 2013
This is a survey course introducing you to the linguistic features of the Chinese language and its interaction with Chinese culture and society. It investigates the fundamentals of Chinese phonology, morphology, syntax and the writing system.
CHN 373: Confucian Classics
by Guo-Hua Wang - Last Updated Mar 19, 2014
Course Guide to CHN 373W/EAS 374W/REL 374W by Dr. Maria Franca Sibau
Tags: chinese classics, confucian, confucius
Course Guide to CHN 190: MIND AND BODY IN CHINA
by Guo-Hua Wang - Last Updated Mar 6, 2014
This Course Guide is created for the freshmen seminar class: MIND AND BODY IN CHINA. It gathers library resources related to the subjects taught in this class and aims to help students with their research project and class papers.
Course Guide to CHN 375: China and the West
by Guo-Hua Wang - Last Updated Oct 2, 2011
Ever since China and the West encountered with each other, the influence between these two hemispheres has changed the local and world history in the aspects of culture, military, politics, economics and civilization.
COURSE GUIDE TO CHN 404: Contemporary Chinese Fiction in the Original
by Guo-Hua Wang - Last Updated Mar 5, 2013
This Guide is created for the class of CHN 404: Contemporary Chinese Literature. It includes research methods for finding related books, journals and other resources for class papers and projects.
Course Guide to CHN272: Literature in Early and Imperial China
by Guo-Hua Wang - Last Updated Oct 8, 2013
This course offers an introduction to traditional Chinese literature from its beginning in the first millennium through the end of the imperial era in 1911. The class will read and discuss some representative works from various periods, ...
Course Guide to CHN359: Women and Religion in China
by Guo-Hua Wang - Last Updated Jan 27, 2011
This course will examine the impact that the religious traditions of China, including Confucianism, Taoism and Mahayana Buddhism, have had in shaping the social experiences, roles and images of women in twentieth-century China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Course Guide to CHN394: Screening China
by Guo-Hua Wang - Last Updated Feb 26, 2013
This class introduces students to "film in China" and "China in film," focusing on both the development of the film industry in China and the continual reconfiguration of history and national identity in cinematic productions.
Course Guide to CHN404: Readings in Contemporary Chinese Literature
by Guo-Hua Wang - Last Updated Mar 11, 2011
The goal of the course is to acquaint students with changing artistic and cultural sensibilities in post-Mao literature and cinema. It also focuses on the social issues confronting Chinese people and society in a fast changing world through literature.
Course Guide to EAS271: Modern China in Film and Fiction
by Guo-Hua Wang - Last Updated Oct 17, 2013
This course is an examination of twentieth-century Chinese society through cinematic productions and a critical reading of the writings of major Chinese writers in translation.
Course Guide to History 489SWR: JR/SR Colloquium: History of Western Medicine in China
by Guo-Hua Wang - Last Updated Sep 4, 2008
This course reviews the history of Western medicine in China from the Jesuits to the SARS epidemic with particular focus on the late l9th and 20th centuries.
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