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PSYC 111: Introduction to Psychology II - Fall 2017 - Kim: Assignment

Research Proposal

From your assignment:

"In class we have studied a variety of research designs. In so doing we have discussed the importance of understanding different research designs and how they can be applied to our research questions. In this paper, you will have the opportunity to choose a research question, form a hypothesis, and propose an experimental study (please note, this is a research proposal, you should not conduct the research you propose). Your paper will include the following components:

1) Specify your research question:


  • Choose one of the following research questions to investigate:

a. Does enhancing self-esteem increase test performance?

b. Can listening to music boost productivity?

c. Does social support contribute to success in college?

d. Does exposure to social media affect people's happiness?

e. Does the amount of personal space between individuals upon meeting for the first time influence how they rate each other's personalities?


  • Draw on prior research to explain why this question is important. Why is it interesting to investigate this question?


2) State your hypothesis.


3) Justify your use of an experimental research design.


4) Describe how you will conduct your study.


5) Propose potential results. 


6) Limitations and future directions.


  • Your final paper will be four to six pages in length and will have a maximum contribution of one hundred points to your final grade...It will be written according to the conventions of the APA (American Psychological Association) style manual.
  • You may cite information from your textbook primarily as background material; if you cite your textbook, it must be included on the reference page.
  • You will need to have at least five scholarly references for your paper; your textbook is not a scholarly reference, it is an educational reference.
  • None of your references may be websites.
  • You may use original empirical or review articles from scholarly journals.
  • You may use a maximum of 2 scholarly chapters or books

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