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PSYC 190-5: How do we know what we know about parenting? -- Goodman

Emory University library research guide for Psychology Freshman Seminar on parenting.

Parents Must Be Responsible

Store sign: Unattended children will be given free espresso and a kitten.

Class Learning Objectives and Library Research

From your syllabus:

Learning objectives for this course: Broadly thinking, this course is about learning skills as applied to a specific area of study in psychology. 

You will be able to:

5.Put into practice specific skills:

  • a. Define and find "evidence," access/locate, identify (categorize) reports on evidence; Literature searching using library resources
  • b. Name and recognize biases
  • c. Use Zotero to create an annotated bibliography
  • d. Develop a coherent synthesis of what is know about a defined topic, based on evidence
  • e. Produce knowledge/collect data (evidence) with at least two approaches, i.e. observation, interview, or questionnaire or another approach; compare evidence from different sources/methods/levels of analysis
  • f. Move beyond description to analysis
  • g. Build arguments based on evidence; articulate evidence-based arguments orally and in writing...

Staged Assignment

From your syllabus:

Staged assignment (investigate a claim that has been made to you) follow the grading rubric:

d. Stage 4: Using your library research skills:

  • identify one empirical paper that
    • evaluates the claim
    • was published within the past 10 years
    • and was published on a list of journals that Dr. G will give you

e. Stage 5: Write about the paper you found:

  • i. Define the aims
  • ii. Define the methods and procedures
  • iii. Explain how they used the evidence to support their conclusions
  • iv. Explain how the article advances the science/the conversation 
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