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PSYC 190: Social Influence: Assignment

Far Side by Gary Larson - Lemmings

Groupthink defined

groupthink n.

a strong CONCURRENCE-SEEKING tendency that interferes with effective group decision-making. Symptoms include apparent unanimity, illusions of invulnerability and moral correctness, biased perceptions of the OUTGROUP, interpersonal pressure, self-censorship, and defective decision-making strategies. Causes are thought to include group COHESION and isolation, poor leadership, and the stress involved in making decisions. Identified by U.S. psychologist Irving Janis (1918-1990).


VandenBos, G., Ed. (2007). Groupthink. In APA Dictionary of Psychology. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.


PSYC190 Students:

Welcome to Emory and the Fall 2014 semester.  This guide is designed to help you find appropriate sources for your assignments.

Assignment Details to Remember


1st Paper on Conformity and Groupthink (maximum of 5 pages in length):

  • you must use at least 4 sources (no more than 7)
  • you must use the databases demonstrated during the library instruction session
  • at least three of your sources must be from scholarly sources retrieved from the database PsycINFO
  • your paper must be written in correct American Psychological Association (APA) format

Further reading on groupthink

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