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PSYC 212: Social Psychology: Assignment

Social Psychology

Social psychology employs the individual and the group as units for analysis.

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Paper Assignment:
"You will need to select a topic or area and discuss how the principles of social psychology are demonstrated or utilized in this area."

Paper length: 8 pages

Possible areas:
legal system, medicine, sports, business, politics, environmental concerns, or your own topic with written permission from Professor Strock


  • You need to have six (6) scholarly references
    • Four must be original empirical articles from scholarly journals
    • Two may be a scholarly book chapter, book, or review article
    • NO websites or dissertations
    • At least five of your scholarly references must be from 2000 or later; only one may be a "classic," published before 2000.
  • You may have up to two (2) non-scholarly, popular press type references
    • Ex: magazine articles, web sites (not Wikipedia), or newspaper articles from reputable sources.

***Finished papers will be due on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at the beginning of class (8:30 a.m.).  


Scholarly Reference

An article from a peer-reviewed journal or a book/book chapter from a scholarly press.  Examples of scholarly presses include university presses, Sage, Wiley, the American Psychological Association, and many more.  If you're not sure, ask a librarian for help.

Scholarly Journal

A journal with a peer-review process for publication.  Also called a peer-reviewed, refereed, or academic journal.  The University of Arizona and the University of Texas at San Antonio have good guides on characteristics that distinguish a scholarly journal from a non-scholarly (or popular) journal.

Original Empirical Article 

An article in a scholarly journal that reports the findings of an original study conducted by academic researchers. 
Know how to identify empirical and review articles.

Scholarly Chapter/Book 

Scholarly books are those published by a scholarly press.  Examples of scholarly presses include all university presses (Cambridge University Press, Stanford University Press, Nebraska University Press, etc.).  Commercial scholarly presses include Sage, Wiley, Kluwer, the American Psychological Association, and many more.  If you're not sure if a publisher is scholarly, ask a librarian for help.

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