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PSYC 205: Child Development -- Kim -- Summer 2017: Assignment


"In this project you will have the opportunity to use your knowledge of child development to design a book or toy aimed at enhancing an area of children's development that we have discussed in class...

  • You will need to be able to navigate the psychology databases to find the information you need to write your paper.
  • You may cite information from your textbook primarily as background material; if you cite your textbook, it must be included on the reference page.
  • You will need to have a total of at least ten scholarly references for your paper; your textbook is not a scholarly reference, it is an educational reference.
  • None of your scholarly references may be websites.
  • You may use original empirical or review articles from scholarly journals.
  • You may use a maximum of 4 scholarly chapters or books.


Moral Development

Search tips for finding children's books at Emory's Libraries:

Go to and type: Emory University. Children's Reading Program. in the search box along with other more specific search terms. Then, select the Search button. 

You may also simply search by Emory University. Children's Reading Program., then refine your search using the categories on the left.


Emotional Development

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