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U.S. Public Policy Research: Public Policy Matrix & Overview

Government Documents FAQs

Government Information/Document Citation Assistance

Public Policy Matrix

Problem Definition and Agenda Setting

Newspaper Articles

Policy/Think Tanks

Public Policy Databases

Agency Reports and Documentation


Public Policy Matrix (II)

Policy Formulation and Adoption 

Executive Branch Documents

Budgetary Documents

Congressional Committee Hearings and Prints, Congressional Budget Office

Bills and Resolutions

Interest Groups, Subnational Entities

  •  ProQuest Congressional Universe (full text through 2010 or so), citations complete
    • Note as well that for hearings (and reports) >2003, you can also use FDSys, the Federal Government's search tool. Search:  Some of these hearings may be rather long and detailed and difficult to browse in an electronic/digital environment.  We have large numbers of print hearings available in our storage library.  In addition, the digital versions may not include all important supplementary information that is sometimes included in congressional hearings and prints.  You will need to make a request.
  • CQ Almanac
  • CQ Public Affairs
  • CRS Reports (see Congressional Universe above, and limit your search)
  •  Congress.Gov (for legislative histories, bill summaries, status, etc)
  • Executive Branch Documents, including budget (FDSYSAgency Directories)
  •  Individual Agencies (note that you can search via FDSYS above, or do a domain-specific search on Google)
    • The US Government Manual (Reference JK421.U565) may provide you with which agency or department to start with.
  •  Federal Register (see FDSYS, Congressional, and Hein Online, available in print at Law Library)
  •  National Conference of State LegislaturesNational League of Cities, etc.)
  • GovTacker--excellent, albeit more contemporary, up to date information on Congressional activity, filtered in many different ways (subject, congress, status, etc).
  • Catalog of Federal Assistance (PREX 2.20, online back to 2008)
  • Office of Management and Budget

Public Policy Matrix III

Implementation, Impact and Evaluation

General Accounting Office Reports

CRS Summaries and Reviews

Committee Hearings

Policy Groups/Think Tanks Analyses

Newspaper/Journal Analyses

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