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WGS 353W / HIST 353W: History of Rape in Wartime - Maymester 2016 - SCULLY: Research Paper

Research Paper

From the WGS 353W / HIST 353W syllabus: 

Research paper (60%)

  • This will involve writing a final in-class paper based on finding, analyzing, and contextualizing two primary sources about rape in a war that we are discussing in class.
    • We will allocate different topics on the first day.
    • You will need to consult with Jennifer Elder, our subject librarian as well as look through footnotes of other work and through library databases.
    • Newspapers, government reports, diaries, and memoirs are good source material.
  • Step one (for two documents) - due at different times through the course.
    • Identify the source and where it comes from
    • Summarize what it says
    • Show how it is useful for a study of rape in wartime
    • Discuss its limitations
    • 800 words each
    • I [Professor Scully] will give you feedback on this work as preparation for the final paper 
  • Step two
    • Write a final in-class paper bringing together your analyses of the 2 documents
    • Analyze the documents in the context of:
      • the secondary literature on the war
      • and on rape in wartime


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