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American Politics Research Guide: Background Materials

National Journal Articles of Interest

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Background Research & Overviews

CQ Electronic Library

One of the most useful resources for researching American Politics is the Congressional Quarterly Electronic Library. The library is actually made up of 8 distinct databases and includes primary and secondary information on American politics in all its various facets.

Of particular interest are:

CQ Weekly and CQ Researcher

The CQ Researcher focuses on a specific issue each week and provides a comprehensive background on the issue--legislative activity, historical background, current developments, and a bibliography for future research. Online version is searchable and goes back to 1991. CQ Weekly focuses more specifically on congressional activities and developments.

CQ Congress Collection
CQ Congress Collection is a dynamic, data-rich research and reference tool allowing a sweeping historical analysis of members of Congress, their legislative voting behavior, interest groups, and their interactions in crafting public policy.

  • National Journal (Emory Only)
    National Journal Group Inc. is a publisher of magazines, newsletters, books and directories for people who have a professional interest in politics, policy and government. Includes access to:
    National Journal . The Hotline, Markup Reports ,Almanac of American Politics ,Earlybird ,Poll Track
  • Roll Call
    Well-established newspaper of Congressional politics. Published on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays when Congress is in session and on Mondays during inter-sessions.
  • Almanac of Policy Issues
    Divided by subject area. Provides background information on a large number of public policy isuues. Summary documents are either prepared by the Almanac or by government sources such as the CRS (Congressional Research Service).

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