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WGS 200: Intro to WGSS - Browne, Fall 2015: Assignment

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

See our Primary Sources Research Guide to learn about:

  • primary sources in various disciplines
  • the difference between primary and secondary sources.

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Assignment 7: Annotated Bibliography for Your Final Project

Due: November 11, 2015

1.Find 3 research or academic articles related to your final project topic.

  • These articles should describe studies with valid information about the topic from a reliable source.
  • The articles should contain definitions of key terms in relation to the topic, facts and data about the topic, and important debates and issues related to the topic.


  • You cannot use information from a webpage or nonacademic source (e.g., news sites, blogs, reports) for this assignment.
  • The articles must be book chapters or scholarly publications from academic journals.
  • Book chapters must come from separate sources (that is, you cannot use three chapters from the same book).
  • If you have any questions about the validity of your article, check with the instructor.

2.For each of the articles, provide:

  • a statement of the "research question"
  • a description of the research methods used
  • a summary of the main findings
  • the author's interpretation regarding the findings
  • Also specify:
    • whether the data are collected by the author (primary source)
    • OR whether the author is relying on data that was collected by others (secondary source)

3.Provide a "reference page" listing the full citations for your articles. Do not include copies of the actual articles with your assignment.


Scholarly vs. Non-scholarly Sources

Know the difference between scholarly and non-scholarly journals/articles.

Good guides provided by:
University of Arizona
University of Texas at San Antonio

"Scholarly" journal =
"Peer-Reviewed" journal =
"Refereed" journal


To determine if your article is from a scholarly journal:

  • Go to
  • Search by the exact title of the journal
  • If it says "Refereed: Yes" then it is a scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal


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