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WGS 200: Intro to WGSS - Browne, Fall 2016: Assignment

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

See our Primary Sources Research Guide to learn about:

  • primary sources in various disciplines
  • the difference between primary and secondary sources.

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Assignment 7: Annotated Bibliography for Your Final Project

Due: November 16, 2016

1.Find 3 research or academic articles related to your final project topic.

  • These articles should describe studies with valid information about the topic from a reliable source.
  • The articles should contain definitions of key terms in relation to the topic, facts and data about the topic, and important debates and issues related to the topic.


  • You cannot use information from a webpage or nonacademic source (e.g., news sites, blogs, reports) for this assignment.
  • The articles must be book chapters or scholarly publications from academic journals.
  • Book chapters must come from separate sources (that is, you cannot use three chapters from the same book).
  • If you have any questions about the validity of your article, check with the instructor.

2.For each of the articles, provide:

  • a statement of the "research question"
  • a description of the research methods used
  • a summary of the main findings
  • the author's interpretation regarding the findings
  • Also specify:
    • whether the data are collected by the author (primary source)
    • OR whether the author is relying on data that was collected by others (secondary source)

3.Provide a "reference page" listing the full citations for your articles. Do not include copies of the actual articles with your assignment.


Scholarly versus Popular Sources

Know the difference between scholarly and popular/non-scholarly articles.

A good guide is provided by:

University of Arizona

"Scholarly" journal =
"Peer-Reviewed" journal =
"Refereed" journal

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